A hugelkultur bed in early May thick with lettuce, asian greens, carrots, radishes, turnips, shallots, and herbs. Polycultural arrangements provide more than a beautiful display. They protect against pest invasion, provide nutrient support, and allow for the gardener to reap a time-stacked harvest.

"Hasten Slowly"

Welcome to our farm site. Festina lente, Latin for "Hasten slowly," is a mantra that reflects the growth and patience involved in working toward a permanent culture.  It is one that cultivates the spiritual experience one has when working with Nature as a partner, not as a master.   It mimics the season's swell in Spring and softening slumber in Winter.  We aim to live by this mantra and to bring joy, beauty, and health to others by hastening toward our goals with the awareness that we must observe and imitate nature in order to return to the center.  We must take the time to be present in our actions, so that we may walk gently on Gaia's back and leave behind a more complete world for future generations. 

 - Tim and Meg

For more on our agricultural philosophy, please visit our education page.

Community Farmer's Market

We feature a wide array of produce, wholesome baked goods, and holistic remedies at our booth inside Community Farmer's Market in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Come visit us. We will be there year-round.

Permaculture Consultations

One of our greatest joys lies in helping design and establish perennial growing systems for others to enjoy for decades to come. We are eager to involve our friends in the art of healing landscapes and restoring whole systems.

Community Outreach

To work is to pray. Involved in the Ecological Land Ministry at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bowling Green, we give frequent demonstrations on constructing, planting, and harvesting from the church's perennial growing systems.